inspire me to write more articles. just remember that. leave your thoughts on the neurosoup article.


8 Responses to “Comments”

  1. this guy is a bitch

  2. mondoharp Says:

    I spent all night flagging this bitches videos. Then the dumb cunt removed all my comments and blocked me. Fuck her! There are plenty of other videos for me to talk about her dumb snitch ass. She looks like a fucking weasel on crack. Oh! And she states she is a level 27 shaman. HA HA HA!!!!
    More like a level 100 cunt snitch.

  3. Wtf is with the shroomery/growery???

    The server is missing….

  4. hemostats Says:

    it sucks to be you.

  5. wtf do you only have 2 pages here? you should make a GTFO forum!

  6. whats up d00d, im banned from the bothery… lol

    Then i went to grass city and their cock sucking mods banned me because my name was Mr.Troll. Most awesome name eva!

    harry ball sack banned be because i bumped thread when noone was posting…lol

    Im bored as fcuk and im waiting on a ride,.

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