Hanks Seafood – A review

I did this for google, ok.

3 stars out of five.

As I walked past the sleeping homeless man on the corner of St. Claude and Port; I wondered if going to Hank’s for fried chicken at 5am was a mistake. I suppose at that point it was a bit late to turn around and walk back home. It was pretty empty, metal halide lights keeping the parking lot well lit. As I walked in I saw the usual curmudgeons, the old man who virtually lives there scowling as he sat behind the counter and his son, in the back by the deli passed out in a chair. I walked up and looked at the tiny pieces of chicken under the heat lamp. “Breakfast. What A Damn shame” I thought to myself. I already knew what I wanted. Four chicken thighs for $1.99. After a moment, my friend and I began trying to rouse the boy from his chair when a very tired looking lady in a hairnet named Yolanda came scurrying out the back. My friend and I both got our chicken, and an orange soda.

Upon returning home we ate the chicken, which wasn’t that bad, but was something like thick pork rinds with greasy chickeny meat inside. It should be noted that they normally carry only thighs and drumsticks, as that is favored by the local demographic. Do not let the “Breasts” entry on the menu fool you. They NEVER have them. For 5am on a Wednesday in New Orleans, it was alright. Its not like there were alot of other choices within walking distance.

They also have booze, beer, bootleg apparel, some groceries, and a full deli meat counter. As well as pipes, papers, grinders, scales, and other paraphernalia to help you get your head straight. It’s something like the bastardized child of a bodegas and a grocery store. 3 stars.


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