Welcome to the butthurt testimonials page.  Here are some of the reviews of my adoring and loyal buttchapped fans:

“all you do is post really boring stuff trying to get a rise out of people
i find it really pathetic thats wut u waste ur time doing
how old r u do u even have a real life outside of forums
but w.e every1 has their own ways of havin fun
i just thinks your way is really immature but i dont blame ya
u prolly have a really bad life so i understand”

“what a sad act! he rated me 0 shrooms for no reason. i dont know why but he must be sad and live in his moms basement. what a loser.”

“OTD is so lame. its just an internet clique of pathetic people who probably were huge losers in high school and were probably made fun of a lot and had no friends. so now they’re bad ass hanging out in OTD, all suck each others dicks and got each others backs.

especially GTFO. oohhhh you got banned from the pub, welcome to the “dark side”. please. how much more lame can you be. dark side. its an internet forum.”

“I agree.  GTFO is so fucking annoying and he seems like a huge loser to me.”

“he’s a hateful faggot who needs to get his ass beat. “

“fuck that queer, he’s got the eyes of a female.”


7 Responses to “Testimonials”


  2. :highfive:

  3. huge nigger but his drug hoe girlfriend might be hot

  4. americalovesfear Says:

    “fuck that queer, he’s got the eyes of a female.”

    you gots purdy eyes.

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